Welcome to Yoga Bloom!


This is a site to share the depth and breadth of the vibrant and rich practice of Yoga as a therapeutic complement to health and wellness.

The quest for connections amidst yoga, anatomy, traditions and philosophies can be broad and deep. Cora has a passion for pursuing and gathering these braids of wisdom, and a talent for sharing yoga therapy techniques with those who hunger for depth and discovery.

This web site is a celebration of her findings, and offerings to you.

Yoga can inspire us to see knowledge and truth as contextual, to see value in cultural perspectives, and to appreciate that we can act on our world individually, or collectively to transform it.

May we help each other develop and integrate our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual self.
May we unveil optimal health and strength, clear mind and a heart of compassion.
May we all be blessed with a life filled with supreme peace and joy.