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What is Prevention and Restorative Yoga?

Yoga Bloom 100-Hr Prevention & Restorative Yoga is the first Specialty Certification of its kind. This is a 100 Hour Yoga Certification Program, with a comprehensive curriculum of Restorative Yoga and Prevention Yoga techniques. There are over 50 hours of Restorative Yoga and additional 50 hours of Prevention Yoga to complete Yoga Bloom 100-Hr Prevention & Restorative Yoga.

This in-depth specialty program breaks down Restorative Yoga theory, practice and implementation. Modules focus on mentorship and personal development as a teacher and practitioner; this also requires students to be held accountable for their participation. Trainees will be required to demonstrate understanding of lesson planning for specific issues and themes. Demonstrations on students will help trainees’ understanding and ability to apply skills in a constructive manner.

Restorative Yoga – 50 HourscwBolster

Foundations & Theory – Level I, 20 Hrs 3-Day

Art & Science – Level II, 10 Hrs 2-Day

Yoga for Stressful Times10 Hrs 2-Days

Brain on Yoga, 10 Hrs 2-Day

Prevention Yoga – 50 Hours

Architecture of Anatomy, 10 hrs 2-Day

  • IMG_0277March 2019 San Francisco CA

Hubs of Movement I – Torso & Upper Limbs10 hrs 2-Day
Hubs of Movement II – Pelvis & Lower Limbs, 10 Hrs- 2 Day

  • February-May 2019 San Francisco CA

Carpals & Tarsals: Hands & Feet, 10 Hrs 2 Day

Injury Prevention, 10 Hrs 2 Day

  • April 2018, San Francisco CA

We will work with key elements: Technique, Sequence, Timing, Benefits and Contraindications.

  • Technique – precision of body alignment & prop use
  • Sequence –  specific sequencing and combination of poses and techniques
  • Timing– time spent in each pose or pranayama
  • Benefits & Contraindications – therapeutic techniques for props and sequencing

Sample Schedule:

2-Day: 9:30a-12:30p, 2:00p-4:00p

3-Day: 9:30a-12:30p, 2:00p-5:00p

Prerequisites are required for acceptance into program – Application available here.

I have introduced Foundation of Restorative Yoga – Level I  in San Francisco, Nashville, Asheville and New York. Brain on Yoga is taught in San Francisco and New York. Please contact me if you are interested in hosting trainings at your studio.

If you are travelling to our locations in San Francisco and New York, there are motels and hotels nearby. AirBnB is a good alternate – Zip codes: CA 94116 & NY 11937

All sessions will be held in Cora’s private yoga studios in San Francisco, CA and East Hampton, NY. Classroom is limited to 6 attendees to promote a positive collaborative learning experience in an intimate, safe environment for contribution and inclusion.

Yoga Bloom Foundations is mandatory entry level for all participants.

Each session focuses on therapeutic applications, and ways to address chronic and acute ailments including lower back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, joint reconstruction and ways to support and assist students. Learn to observe body misalignment, and ways to assist rehabilitation and pain management.

Here is a link to a 40 min video of Cora teaching a Restorative Yoga pose

Application & Certification

Settling into a Restorative pose with Stacy

Settling into a Restorative pose with Stacy

You will receive a Certificate after completion of all course work required for each session.  ALL sessions apply to Yoga Bloom 200RYT, 300RYT and YBLAB 1000CYT Programs.

Each session requires attendance of all hours, written assignments,  practicum and mentoring hours to complete coursework. These programs are registered with Yoga Alliance 200RYS & 300RY. 

Prerequisite :

Prerequisites are required for acceptance into program – Application available here. All Yoga Bloom trainees are required to have a minimum of 16 months of teaching weekly public classes. (A public yoga class is defined as applicant teaching yoga in a public space, with 8 or more attendees relying on teacher expertise. A teaching schedule is expected to consist of 6+ classes per month.)

OR a valid Yoga Alliance 200RYT certification

Prevention & Restorative Yoga – 100Hr Certification :

Level I – Foundations & Theory of Restorative Yoga

Level II – Aging & Introduction to Preventative Yoga; Stress Disorders and Pain Management

Level III – Womens Health: Menstruation through Menopause (includes Pre-Natal and Breast Cancer); Mens Health: Prostate and Testicular Cancer.

Level IV – Restorative Yoga for Emotional Stability – Grief, Anxiety & Depression.


Cancer Rehabilitation with Laura

Student Assessment & Certification:

Trainees will be required to demonstrate understanding of lesson planning for specific issues and themes. Demonstrations on students will help trainees’ understanding and ability to apply yoga therapy skills in a constructive manner.

CEU hours towards Yoga Bloom 200-Hour, 300-Hour and 1000-Hour Preventative & Restorative Yoga Training Program with completed assignments and practicum.

Yoga Bloom Restorative Level I :

  • Observing & reading bodies
  • Overview of nervous system
  • Relaxation response & Stress
  • Why restorative yoga works
  • Use of props and proper blanket folding
  • Savasana variations
  • Back and front body focus of Restorative poses
  • Restorative backbends, twists, and inversions
  • Sequencing restorative practice for general and specific issues
  • Proper use of language to assist in the relaxation process

Yoga Bloom Restorative Level II – click here

Required Reading Level I & II :

Relax and Renew, Restful Yoga for Stressful Times by Judith Hanson Lasater

Back Care Basics by Mary Pullig Schatz

The Women’s Book of Yoga and Health: A Lifelong Guide to Wellness by Linda Sparrow & Patricia Walden