Savasana Challenge Giveaways – Free Hugger Mugger Bolster! Free Vernice Vita Memory Foam Mat!

Support your body, relax and increase your productivity!
Go lie down and do absolutely nothing!

Yes, go now, and set up some blankets, bolsters and blocks to support your body and take a mini holiday on your yoga mat… Aaah Savasanaaah!

What is the Savasana Challenge?

Get into Savasana relaxation pose once a day and stay there for at least 15 minutes, for 30 days in a row. Feel free to stay there longer if you like. Feel free to use variations like Supported Bridge or Supported Cobbler pose, and Legs Up the Wall. Relaxcat2Just get some props, and lie down in some quiet relaxation, where there is no doing.

Just 15 minutes of Savasana a day can help you find that peace within and gain access to the space in between your thoughts. There, according to wisdom traditions, you find the window to the infinite mind and the mystery that some people call spirit or core consciousness. The reason for restorative yoga isn’t so you can get away from it all, but that you can get in touch with it all.

Enjoy the space of Doing, Doing, Done.

Every day, drop by to post a note in the comment box here at the Savasana Challenge. Share how you felt or what you experienced.

If you happen to miss a day in the challenge, you can make up for it by doing a double session the next time. No guilt, no shame.Remember, this is about feeling good!

At the end of the 30 days, winners will be selected at random from the comment section below.

shah-VAHS-anna, sava = corpse

Whatever your comfort (or discomfort) level is with Savasana, it’s important for you to take a daily break, rest and enjoy the quiet mind and body that total relaxation gives you.

Savasana is the digestion of a practice, the silence that allows you to absorb the sensations, feelings and sacred state of Being, that helps to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. It is an experience of letting go completely, and provides deep rest and healing for the body and soul.

hm-round-yoga-bolster-2So take a deep breath and exhale, and lets Love Your Soul With 30 Days of Rest!

Just 15 minutes of Savasana a day can help you find that peace within and gain access to the space in between your thoughts. There, according to wisdom traditions, you find the window to the infinite mind and the mystery that some people call spirit or core consciousness. Improve your attitude, improve blood flow, reduce body stress, fatigue, and enhance yoga postures.

This is a really incredible FREE Giveaway this week offered to Yoga Bloom readers just for lying down and doing Nothing!

6 lucky winners could win 1 of each of these prizes!

1x Original design Handmade Hugger Mugger Standard Bolster – your choice of colour!

250x250 VerniceVita1x Vernice Vita environmentally friendly Memory Foam mat – really cushy comfy

1x Handmade by Innner Space Yoga Dupioni Silk Bolster cover – sumptuous colours!

3x Handmade eyebags by Innner Space Yoga –  tiny size that doesnt overload the cornea!

Leave a comment on the Savasana Challenge here telling us about your Savasana experience (and anything else you have to say) – easy!

Additional entry comments accepted, so post away to increase your chances of winning the Yoga props!


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* Challenge will be open until 5:00pm PCT on Friday March 15th. Challenge winner must have a US or Canada mailing address.
* The winner will be randomly selected from comment section on my blog and announced on FACEBOOK & Cora Wen YogaBloom Blog!

Please check to see if you won. The winner will be contacted by the email listed and must respond to Cora Wen within 5 days to provide name and shipping address.

Good luck to everyone!

Vernice Vita Mat

In some poses there are particular pressure points that need extra comfort and support. Verenice Vita Mat gives  a dramatic decrease in pressure on  hands, knees, elbows, and head, while still feeling the flatness/stability of the floor.

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 10.54.24 AMThe mat can help pressure points from hurting, help improve balance, and create a savansanas that is more relaxing and beneficial. Racheal originally designed this mat to improve her personal practice, and gave it the name “Vernice Vita” (“Paint Life” Italian) as a positive approach to how much you can add to the world and people around you when you’re at one with mind, body, and spirit.

Your mat is your canvas, so paint your practice and life how you see fit. Learn more about Vernice Vita Memory Foam mats here.

Key Features:

  • Helps alleviate pain  from tendonitis, carpal tunnel, knee, back, hip, and joint injuries
  • Added comfort, support & unique design
  • Textured non-slip surface
  • Memory Foam relieves pressure points in yoga postures
  • Helps protect wrists, knees, elbows, head, and ankles
  • Aids in balance and grip to hold postures longer
  • Stabilizes your body and keeps you from slipping
  • Provides a more comfortable, relaxing savasana
  • Extremely durable design
  • 100% money back guarantee! If you don’t absolutely love your mat or experience any problems, refund or exchange.

Hugger Mugger Bolster

Bolsters are a handy accessory when practicing a variety of yoga asanas, particularly restorative and passive poses. abraham-300x198With the Hugger Mugger bolsters, you’ll have a soft, comfortable companion in seated forward bends, supported back bends, child’s pose, and, of course, Savasana (corpse pose).

Hugger Mugger bolsters come in standard oval shape and round. The standard shape provides a flat surface for stability with curved sides for comfort, while the round shape gives more height and cushiness. The zippered cover has a convenient handle at one end to make it easily transportable to and from class.

Hugger Mugger Bolsters are handmade in their Salt Lake City-based facility. Each bolster is handmade by Abraham Avelar. Abraham has been Hugger Mugger’s prime bolster maker, and helps to to create just the right balance of inner firmness and outer softness. Abraham has learned the techniques well, and has invented a few himself, so read more about him here.

JackW_0929Hugger Mugger has been known as an innovator of technically advanced yoga products for more than 20 years, serving yoga teachers and students throughout the world.Visit Hugger Mugger to learn more about their bolsters.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for Restorative Yoga.
  • Good for all levels
  • Solid foam core for support, cotton batting for comfort.
  • Removable cover, convenient cerrung handle
  • machine washable.
  • Each bolster is handmade in the USA.
  • 6″ x 12″ x 25″
  • Available in different colors

Standard bolsters are great for restorative poses, when you are not looking to stretch too far or when you want a smaller slope to lean back on. They  provide the firmness and cushionig you need to support your back and provide extra comfort. Choose te perfect size, color and material for you.

Inner Space Yoga Dupioni Silk Bolster Covers and Eyepillows

ViparataKarani-webOffering quality props for yoga studios and home use, Inner Space Yoga creates colorful and unique yoga props – bolsters, eye pillows, zafus, and sandbags – in our studio located just outside Asheville, NC.

Dupioni Silk Bolster Cover

A few years ago on a trip to India, we brought back fine double weave silk from India and wanted to make bolster covers. Angie set up a pattern and produced the most luscious, luxurious silk covers for me! The most tattered over used bolster in my stash got the new pink cover, and it has become my favourite bolster again. Its like having a new outfit for your bolster. Everytime I see the colours of India shining from the bolsters, I smile and want to use them. So Angie and I are giving a cover to one lucky winner – they will fit Hugger Mugger and Yoga Mats Bolster, and many more styles.

Teeny Tiny Eye Pillow

I am very partial to a particular size of eyebag, and Angie makes each one of these by hand in her sewing room in North Carolina. in my opinion, most eyebags are filled with too much weight, and can damage the delicate cornea of the eye. Look for the next post with Savasana Savoouring Tips, and I will go into more detail about the weight and size of eyebags.

Just know that Angie has been keenly overseen by some of the best Restorative teachers in the world, including Judith Hanson Lasater and Roger Cole. We have all agreed on this lighter weight to take care of the eyes. Angie does make regular sized eye pillows, so you can choose which style!

AngandCindyonBolstersInner Space Yoga was created in 2007 by Angela Ryals, to meet the need for quality, domestically manufactured yoga props. All designs are developed and refined with the input of Angela’s teachers and fellow yogins, with the goal of creating yoga props that are durable, well-made, supportive and, above all, beautiful. Many of the materials, such as the cotton batting, are sourced locally, and the products are sewn by either Angela herself, or local sewers.

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  1. Tarja

    Thank you Cora for this wonderful challenge, that is becoming no challenge at all. Just pleasure and deeper rest.

  2. salma

    this may just be the path that I need to follow…..


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