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Beat the Heat of Summer

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Summer is Fire, one of the Five Elements. It is symbolic of the maximum activity and the greatest Yang; a time of heat and movement, nature at its peak of growth. Summer heat is expressed in the body…

End of Year Gratitude to You

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As the year comes to a close, it is time to review the year. December is the beginning of the end. Blink and the end of year will be here. The death of one year while the birth…

Cultivating Balance

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Yoga for Balance & Self-Care is a restorative practice to help regain and reaffirm a connection to yourself. Leave class feeling calm, centered, clear and able to stand in a grounded, balanced way. Thursdays at The Mindful Body,…

Rest is the Story

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ENTERING AUTUMN As we enter the Autumn season, the air becomes cool and crisp, and the leaves are starting to turn. Autumn brings the harvest of crops, shorter days and preparation for winter. It is a time of ripening, withering, and completion.…

Happy Hamstrings are Healthy Hamstrings


Are Your Hamstrings REALLY Tight? Ever wonder why your hamstrings feel tight even though you stretch them? If the answer to tight muscles is stretching them, then wouldn’t stretching hamstrings make them more flexible? If you’re finding that…

My Favourite Bhagavad Gita भगवद्गीता


Bhagavad Gita भगवद्गीता Chapter 6 ~ Samkhya Yoga The Science of Self Realisation In chapter six Lord Krishna reveals astanga Yoga, and the exact process of practicing such yoga. He explains in detail the difficulties of the mind…

Wood Horse to Mind Your Chariot

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HEED YOUR STEED Chinese New Year is the most important celebration in the Chinese calendar. The Chinese year 4712 begins on Jan. 31, 2014, and 1 in every 6 people in the world will be celebrating the Year…

Blue Butterfly Dreaming


Costa Rica Dreaming I remember being in Costa Rica years ago at Samasati Resort when it first opened. It was a long time ago, and we walked into the yoga room that evening listening to the sounds of…

Protected: Twist into a Spring Fling


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What is Year of the Rabbit?

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How Does the Lunar Calendar Work? According to Chinese astrology, 2011 is Year of the Rabbit, beginning on February 3, 2011 through January 22, 2012.  There are 12 animal signs in Chinese astrology and Rabbit is the fourth…