Yoga has been clinically proven to help in self health care and management of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, back pain, osteoporosis, and improved mood. Students come into our classrooms with different needs, like improving sports performance, stretching and strengthening muscles or finding connections and challenges to body and mind.

This series offers Yoga Therapy tips and techniques to work in a multi level Vinyasa class. Using language and sequencing to uncover the root of restrictions in the body.

CW teaching  011There are many techniques to strengthen, lengthen and stretch the body, and it is of utmost importance to pay attention to  alignment and the fluidity of movement progressions.

As yoga teachers, we have to address a variety of strengths and flexibility ranges within one classroom. It is also helpful to encourage students to understand their own bodies, and learn how to protect themselves from injury.

After all, the first practice for all Yogis is AHIMSA, non harming, to ourselves and others 🙂

This is an Asana Practice class along with Teaching Methodology. Please bring props for Practice.

  • Yoga Therapy in Multi Level Vinyasa Class
  • Working in multi-level flow class with different flexibility & strength
  • How to work with body restrictions and injury
  • How to work with hyper mobile joints and bodies

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