As the year comes to a close, it is time to review the year. December is the beginning of the end. Blink and the end of year will be here. The death of one year while the birth of a brand new chapter rests on the horizon.

It has been a tumultuous year, this Fire Rooster year. The Fire Rooster puffed up its chest and squawked and pecked as we were still sorting out the previous fire monkey year full of tricks, action, and deception. Next year will be a new one: the protection of the Earth Dog.

Rather than setting goals and planning what to achieve next year, I’d like to first spend time in gratitude. Gratitude is such a simple way to access appreciation in your life. The Buddhists believe you cannot be grateful and greedy at the same time.

Cultivating gratitude increases wellbeing, happiness, energy, optimism and empathy. The thing about gratitude is that’s so much more than saying thank you. It’s about really feeling it. It can switch the mundane to the magical.

Take a moment to think about this year with a focus of appreciation. Sit in stillness and remember when people made a difference and send them gratitude. Feel the flow of gratitude. And when you show gratitude to the people in your life, it creates a kind of wonderfulness; a vibration, and energy of its own.

I am reminded every year how important education is within our yoga community. Teaching is the path to immortality. It is a path of love. There is nothing better in this world than being a teacher, regardless of the bumps, bruises, nicks and scratches at heart, mind, and spirit over the years.

To all of my teachers who truly “saw” me,

Thank You for paving my way into this indescribably complex and fulfilling life, and for being the role models I needed. Thank you for being patient and honest with me. My best teachers through their actions and belief, made me feel significant and important.

I know how to do this because you showed me.

To my former, current, and future students,

Thank you for your smiles, enthusiasm and character. Thank you for touching my life, and for allowing me to be a part of yours.

Each one of you matters to me more than you know, and you matter to the world. You have no idea where and how your actions leave permanent marks. Each of us matters more profoundly than we can ever fully grasp.

As a teacher and, specifically, as a yoga educator, it is my highest goal to instill the belief in each student that your voices, words, and ideas make an impact. I am humbled to share ideas and knowledge, and to ignite a passion to explore and investigate this art and science of yoga in your own experience and wisdom.

Each time I lament the hatred, selfishness, apathy and cruelty in this world, each time I wonder if I’m making a difference, my students remind me that what I do matters, that I matter. Thank you for giving my life purpose and ensuring that my time here matters. 

This was the first year with a new home studio in San Francisco – The Mindful Body.
Much gratitude – You have all been so amazing!

Thank you for trusting me to help guide you in some way.
My sincerest hope is that what I have to offer is…enough.

with warmth and a heart full of gratitude,