Beyond mere history for history’s sake, learning about yoga’s recent past gives us a necessary and powerful lens for seeing our relationship with tradition, ancient and modern.
~ Mark Singleton

Yoga Lineage

An integral part of all classical schools of yoga is lineage; a tracing of roots from teacher to teacher to teacher. As part of our exploration and commitment to Yoga, it is important to look at the roots of this practice, and reflect on what and why we practice with teachers.ancestry[1] Lineage involves the history, culture and wisdom passed through generations, as well as the sacrifices. Lineage is more than names and dates; it is the history and stories of our forebears.

In the late 18th century and early 19th century, a letter of introduction showing a good lineage gave a person accommodations with no questions asked.

Lineage is important to connect to those who contribute to building a society we want to live in.

From Beowulf and the Odyssey to the Hobbit, we see the character develop into a hero with ancestral heritage and individual reputation critical in the journey toward identity. Lessons along the way inspired them with indomitable spirit, and the journey was lit by thoughts passed by their guides and mentors.

We do not need blind faith in following a teacher or lineage, but do need to trust that challenges help us become stronger, and learning to watch the mind and how our thoughts create our reality. As we begin to understand the process itself is a flow of its own; it becomes an integral part of our inner landscape, and endures as indelible signatures upon the heartmind.

Path of Yoga

The path of yoga is not in advancement, and it is not a destination or arrival.

It is a journey that can be joyous, difficult, connecting, lonely, profound and troublesome. It is a path that requires guidance and companionship. Yoga is like looking for a path and knowing you can find your way because many have found their way before.

A good teacher is like a guide that helps to point the way. It makes me think of the Inuksuit on a barren landscape that is a welcome sight when one is a long way from home. It is an indicator that others have been here before, and that you are safe, and that they have left a message to point the way.88440856_1f9c8ed3cd

Parampara is a Sanskrit word that denotes the principle of transmitting knowledge based on direct and practical experience. It is the knowledge that is passed from teacher to student. It is the basis of any lineage: the teacher and student form links in the chain passed down for years.

The best teachers provide an example but not a clear path.

The yoga sutras talk about how easily we can go on a flight of fancy, spiritual idealism, falling after experiences and imagination. Patanjali reminds us that imagination is a process of consciousness, and may be helpful initially, but must be dropped ultimately.

The teacher shares experience and wisdom of their own journey, and helps us on ours.They can act as translators in a foreign land. The actual journey to discover the landscape is still ultimately ours. Yoga helps us find faith. The faith to move forward as we experience difficulties, and teachers are a model of character and direction to help establish and solidify our own identity and choices.

As part of your reflection before we meet, please watch these movies

Write a 400 word essay on these topics:

  • What is Lineage mean to you in Modern Yoga?
  • Does it serve the same purpose as Traditional Yoga in India?
  • What does the role of Lineage, Kinship and Ancestry play in your yoga practice and teaching?

This assignment will count towards Hours of Yoga Alliance and IAYT Yoga Therapist Credit

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