Qualities of a Teacher:
Yoga Bloom uses the qualities of a teacher as the framework for each module. These qualities show up in every aspect of teaching — from asana modification and sequencing to philosophy and teacher/student relationships.
Creativity and spontaneity are essential qualities for becoming a responsive teacher with a solid student base. These qualities are often thought of as fun — and they certainly are. We want to be able to share the joy of the practice with our students!
In addition to fun, though, these qualities connote the ability to truly meet our students where they are — on the mat and in their life. This includes being knowledgeable about modifications you can offer, unique props you can utilize, sharing therapeutic benefits and approaches of poses, reading bodies and working with the energy of the student and/or room.
These qualities include:
Relatedly, the mantras of teaching for this section are:
Don’t impose a pose
So ham

Unbind the mind

How do you, or could you, exhibit these qualities in your teaching?