{F90CF2DE-9159-43FA-B441-B015A6F50E26}Do you have a pain in the butt? Or hip? Or sacrum? Or hamstrings?

Did you know the glutes are a common unsuspected source of pain!

Join us on WEDNESDAY 4:00p-5:30p PDT
May 22 for Yoga Bloom LAB TOOLBOX

MOVE YOUR mASS – Gluteus and Sacral Dance

Learn how to work with imbalances and weaknesses in the Gluteus. Imbalance in the Glutes can create and exacerbate instability and body misalignment.

Wednesday May 22
4:00p-5:30p (Pacific Time USA)
7:00p-9:00p (Eastern Standard Time USA)

90 min WEBINAR Anatomy & Yoga Therapy Intensive
$97 — Register Now!


Are you suffering from back pain?  How about hip pain?  Knee pain? Did you know that you can get relief by using your Glute muscles? 

The Glutes are the single biggest muscle group in the body, but one of the most mis-understood and least used!
As we extend more online training for you, we have some solutions for you, all in 90 minutes from my studio to your couch!

For those of you who took our online 2-part sacrum class (you can still take it thanks to modern technology, insert link here), you know how important the sacrum is in day to day movement (and yoga!), how complex it is, and how hard it is to know the correct asana for you and your students…..we spoke again and again abut the Glutes.  So you asked for it….here it is!     Our Move Your mASS webinar is the class for you!

stock-photo-9859780-second-dancing-skeleton-coupleMark your calendars and sign up now!

Class is 90 minutes on May 22 from 4:00p-5:30p PDT, so 7:00p-8:30p EST. (webinar format so if you can’t be online with us it’s no problem, watch it at your leisure)

I would love to have you join me to learn this dance!

This is a great webinar for Yoga Teachers and students, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists and Nurses and anyone with back, knee or hip pain (so almost everyone)!  Join us in the LAB, so we can add more Therapeutic Tools in your Toolbox to take care of your Body and those of our Students.

The more you know, the more people you can help, so join us as we learn how to correct imbalances and strengthen those Glutes!

img023This is part 2 in our Lower Body Series of webinars, sacrum was part 1 – click here, glutes will be part 2 – click here and our upcoming knee extravaganza in June 19  4:30p-6:00p PDT (7:30p-9:00p EST) and July 19 1:00p-2:30p PDT (4:00p-5:30p EST) will be part 3 to get you ready for…..

Yoga Bloom LAB Lower Body Intensive in the beautiful San Francisco /San Jose area August 2-4th, where we will put it all together for you!  These sessions will provide 30 CEU’s for Yoga Alliance 500RYT and can be used toward our brand new upcoming 300 hour Yoga Therapist training!

This will be the only Lower Body Intensive offered in 2013, although the first 3 webinars will still be available!