Online Mentoring – Anatomy

Do You Need More Anatomy Training?

Many yoga teachers do not feel strong in their anatomy knowledge. They are charged with teaching a diverse body of students, and need more tools to become safe, knowledgeable, and professional practitioners.

We will study Anatomy understand the structure of body parts, and Physiology to link functions and relationships of these body parts. This is a study of the structure and function of the human body including skeletal, muscular, nervous and special senses.

Learning anatomy aids in building a good knowledge and understanding of the structure and function of the body. Anatomy tells you the structure of organs and physiology tells how they work. Physiology helps to understand functions and their role in maintaining homeostasis.

Online Anatomy Training


20Hour Certificate Program $500

Video Classroom

6-8 Hours Video Content

Video Conference Calls – Recorded for Absence

One-on-One Mentorship with Cora – teleconference or in person

Video Class Sessions

6-8 Hours Available on Private Channel

Online Classroom – 1x week

Weekly meetings with Mentor group – meeting in tele classroom

One-on-One Conversations with Cora

1 Hour of One-on-One Calls Scheduled on phone or video

Yoga Alliance YACEP & CEU

Member Program for 200RYT, 300RYT, YACEP


Every Month will be dedicated to learning a part of the body to increase your understanding of Anatomy. We will meet in an online classroom once a month, and each session will be recorded for your to review. You will receive 1-2 hours of videos every month that concentrate on a specific anatomy, and yoga practice to address the anatomy discussed.

The short videos will identify 1) the anatomical structure, 2) anatomical function, 3) basic injury and ailments, 4) yoga poses to strengthen/stretch.

Online classroom will discuss monthly topic and any relevant issues you have in your practice and teaching.

Yoga Bloom Online Mentoring offers 20 hours towards YACEP or certification towards a 500RYT registration with Yoga Alliance.

These hours are made up of::

  • monthly group video classroom (6Hrs)
  • Video learning and practice classes (6Hrs)
  • One-on-One Video Call with Cora (3Hrs)
  • Final Written Project (5Hrs)

TOTAL Hours = 20 Hours

Yoga Bloom is a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, providing a 500-hour training program that meets and exceeds Yoga Alliance highest standards. Yoga Bloom is held in high regard with the community, and Cora sits on several Advisory Committees for Yoga Alliance. Students who complete the full hours needed for requirement, are eligible to register as RYT 500.

This program prepares you to build on previous knowledge and offers the opportunity to explore advanced theory and practice as safe, knowledgeable, and professional practitioners. Its aim is to hone the skills of teachers to prepare you for leadership in our profession. The yoga educator is charged with teaching a diverse body of students, so I developed this curriculum with guidance from 800Hr Yoga Therapy curricular guidelines. 


Sessions are limited to 8 participants, and students will share in an interactive, small cohort format to gain skills they can apply and develop discussions that encourage listening and collaborating. An online community can be a place to open to new ideas and possibilities, identify opportunities and advise on ethical marketing strategies.

We will meet online in video conference, and you will have prerecorded weekly video classes for practice.

  • 6Hrs – Online Classroom
  • 6Hrs – Prerecorded Practice Sessions
  • 1Hrs – One-on-One Mentorship with Cora (phone/video)
  • 5Hrs – Final Term Paper
  • 20Hr YACEP or Hours for 500RYT
  • Yoga Alliance Member: 200RYT|500RYT|YACEP

All conference calls will be recorded for any missed sessions. No more than 3 missed Video Conference allowed for certificate.