Private & Small Group Wellness & Yoga

Cora has a free-standing studio on her property in East Hampton. It is equipped with props and is an ideal location for private sessions. She is also available for teaching at your home or office.

Private & Group Sessions (4-8 person)


Ex. 2 students with knee rehab at their home = $200 + $150 = $350 for Yoga Therapy

Private & Group Sessions

You are welcome to take photos and notes during session. 

TRAVELone hour of travel-time within East Hampton Town.

For travel to your location in Southampton Town–additional $10 per student. 

Any additional travel must be confirmed with Cora directly.


If there is Yoga Therapy required for pain management, rehabilitation and other issues (e.g., herniation, scoliosis, hip surgery, shoulder rehabilitation) – additional $150 applies to each session with a maximum of 2 students per session.

Cora also consults via Skype for those who are not near New York. The same rates apply. Call 408-828-5806 or email to schedule a time.


In their locations, students are expected to provide mats, blocks, straps and any other items required for practice, and to complete the necessary set-up prior to start of lesson, including moving any furniture. If class location does not have props, Cora will supply @  $10 additional per student.


Cora offers instruction at your place of work or at our studio privately with your team. You can schedule a workshop for an “Office Wellness” program, showing how to make the best of your desk, chair and doorway! Please contact Cora for rates and information regarding on-site corporate classes.