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Working with shoulder opening and finding freedom in the pelvis, we work in a vinyasa style towards handstands

We work with the energies of Earth nourishing the Sheng cycle of Earth to Metal element. Standing poses and ekapadarajakapotasana

Focusing on the arms and armpit chest opening in standing poses and downward facing dog

Working in standing poses and ekapadarajakapotasana variations.

We look at the Spleen Meridian and how it wraps the length of the body. Opening the hips and shoulders for standing pose sequences to enliven your inner body!

Working in a hip opening and standing pose vinyasa flow, along with opening the groin, we can uncover the sesnation of “Letting Go” in the Hubs of Freedom – shoulders and hips.

We work with Spleen and Stomach to ignite the inner groin and thighs with Chi! Working the movements necessary to draw devotion toward the devotion of Hanuman!

We work with the Large Intestine Meridian in a sequence of seated twists

We uncover the mysteries of Meridians and explore the energy of the Spleen and Stomach pathways.

We work with Knees today and look at how the Spleen and Stomach channels can affect the action of the knee joint.

Working with the upper torso, we use the Lung Meridian to awaken the chest in a practice to prepare for backbends.

We start working with TaiYin meridians of arms in Lung and Large Intestine

Concentration is on the foot and how to keep the knee safe by engaging the foot. Adding Kidney and Liver points add connection of brain, body and breath.

We begin to awaken Spring Wood Liver energy. Focusing on the inner legs and inner groin and restoring the joints and ligaments to keep the surges of liver energy calm and peaceful. May the General Liver direct us toward Peace.

Looking at the Liver Channel and bringing the Yang energy of Spring into balance. Inversions and baddhakonasana variations

We work with poses to help menstrual relief, and poses to help a womens cycle