Welcome, Yoga Bloom Module Two students!

This page is where you can find all relevant information for your upcoming yoga teacher training. Please look these links prior to training and jot down any questions you’d like to discuss. In addition, we’ve included handouts for the training, so please load them onto an eReader that you can bring with you or print them out.


Anatomy Module II Cover– handout

An Overview of Body Systems – handout

Your Body’s Systems – handout

Overview of the Skeletal System -Video

Understanding Body Systems – PBS – website

Inner Body – website

Body Systems – website

Check Your Anatomy Skills – name that bone – website

Body System Links:

Quiz and Flash Cards

Organs Overview – presentation & discussion

Effect of Gravity – presentation & discussion

Biomechanics of Asana – presentation & discussion


Philosophy Module II Cover – handout

Heyam Dukkham Anagatam – presentation & discussion

Readings on Sankalpa

Nature of Sankalpa – Swami Anandakumar Saraswati

Sankalpa – Vedabase Sanskrit definition

Sankalpa and Yoga Therapy – Swami Shankardevananda Saraswati

Inspired Intention

Teaching Skills

Module Two Overview – handout

What makes a Good Student? – presentation & discussion

What’s YOUR Learning Style?

Listening Skills

Improving Listening Skills

What Is Your Learning Style?

Who is The Student:

The Five Ways of Learning

How to Become a More Effective Learner

Multiple Intelligences: Seven Ways to Approach Curriculum

Seven Ways of Learnings

Multiple Intelligences

Learning Through Many Kinds of Intelligence