This arena will allow us to chat, watch online classes, videos, conversations and more with each other, and the greater yoga community.


Almost all higher education facilities, including Harvard University, Stanford University, University of California, Vanderbilt University, Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic and most leading universities and teaching hospitals have changed post graduate and doctoral programs to include web delivered training.

The convenience and accessibility of online tools to share learning in different time zones, cultures, demographics and geography is excellent and educational on so many levels and incarnations.

New technology platforms are now available to streamline the ways we share research, information, and learning  tools in education. Ease and convenience makes learning so much easier, and aids  long term retention. Smaller classrooms increase student achievement and maintains the quality of curriculum and leadership. The overall convenience and aid to time management and lifestyles makes this an ever growing field!

 My wish is to develop a community to share this practice of Yoga as a comprehensive and life-affirming tradition.


Like minded individuals helping one another, sharing knowledge and skills, communicating and collaborating with heart over head, and mind over marketing.


I’m committed to transform Yoga Bloom and Yoga Bloom LAB Distance Learning into personalized learning that empowers each student to learn the way they learn best — when, where and how they want!

Welcome to our new community, and join the YB LAB to help promote peace on the planet through peace in body and mind.

with gratitude and appreciation,

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