4-Day Module Yoga Bloom LAB – Yoga Therapy

JackW_7778 - Version 2@San Jose CA

Nov 6-9, 2013

Limited to 6 Attendees. (1 SPACE LEFT 11/1/13)

50 Hours toward Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. We will focus on Biomechanics and the Subtle Body, along with an introduction to Chinese Five Element Theory. There is an individual one-on-one mentoring session with Cora included in the Module price, and required written homework for credit toward Yoga Therapist certification.

Please bring your personal mat, eye cover and any specific items you need for personal practice.



Yoga has been applied with therapeutic intention for thousands of years, and Yoga Therapy is emerging as a discipline in itself. Health care practitioners include yogic techniques in their approach to healing, and more yoga teachers give therapeutic intention to their teaching. In these sessions, we begin to explore the body in a deeper, subtle way of energy connection to body, mind and spirit. The psycho-emotional effect from movement can only be enhanced with the power of our intention and attention. We will explore the concept of bringing attention inward to balance our outer and inner awareness.

Each day has a focus toward Chinese Meridians, Pancha Vayu, Biomechanics and Gravity.

May Forces be with us all, to illuminate the darkness, and dispel ignorance and fear. May we work together, with compassion and collaboration.

Day 1 Force of Attraction

Moving with Gravity (Anatomy)

Attraction is a force that brings objects to each other. Newton’s law tells us that ALL objects attract each other with a force of gravitational attraction, so Gravity is universal. Learn how gravity affects your yoga asana, and how understanding biomechanics can help to uncover a light and powerful exploration of your practice.

Day 2 Force of Movement

Moving from the Internal Organs (Chinese Medicine)

Body movement shows an external display of Yoga, yet Yoga is not limited to this external movement. Asana practice strengthens bones and muscles, internal organs, and affects the mind and temperament. Coordination, cooperation and collaboration are needed with every flow of hand, eye, body, foot and senses. Discover how to work with your internal organs, circulate the flow of inner movement that generates external strength.

CW YodaDay 3 Force of Nature

Peeling the Layers: Seeing & Understanding Bodies (Yoga Therapeutics Methodology)

“Still your breathing, let the trace amounts of air in your lungs hold you. The Force can sustain you… listen to it.” ~ Star Wars

Breath is our Life force. Without it there is no more life presence. How intimate are you with the movements of your Breath? Are you able to peel the layers and see what others cannot? Explore subtle therapeutic techniques to see past the skin and bones, and deeper in to the soul. Learn how to penetrate deeper into asana by understanding how movement transitions. Discover how powerful the space between breaths can be, and the Sacred Pause between exhalation and inhalation.

Day 4 Force of Spirit

Moving the Subtle Body (Yoga Therapeutics & Philosophy)

The Koshas, Vayus and Energy Meridians are in a constant state of flux, changing with our breath, thoughts, movements and moods. Much as moving water can change Earths face and geography, these forces can be harnessed to unite external and internal forces. How we practice asana encourages the mind’s direction of the inward and outward expressions of our practice. A practice that cultivates moral character helps adjust our inner psychology, as much as a supple spine can balance a backbend or handstand.