style: restorative, chinese meridian, yoga therapy

duration: 60 min

Chinese Meridian Restorative – Kidney : Settling into Stillness

Entering Kidney Yin

"The wise nourish life by flowing with the four seasons and adapting to cold or heat, by harmonising joy and anger in a tranquil dwelling, by balancing yin and yang, and what is hard and soft. So it is that dissolute evil cannot reach the person of wisdom, and they will be witness to a long life.”
– Huangdi Neijing Suwen

Chinese medicine is based in a deep understanding of the patterns of nature, and the implications and applications to the human body. In winter all things in nature wither, hide, return home and enter a resting period. Animals hibernate as the cold weather comes in, trees and plants move back to seed, and the waters of the earth freeze as snow falls. This season is pure Yin energy - feminine, dark, cool, slow and restful. To act in accordance with seasonal, geographic, and personal factors is the way of health in China.

Winter is ruled by water, and associated with the kidneys, bladder, and adrenal glands. Kidneys are the source of all energy (Chi) within the body, and they store the reserves of Chi we need to handle stress and change, heal, prevent illness and age in health. Much like the parasympathetic system of the body, Kidneys provide the energy to spring forward into health.

The Kidney is the foundation for growth, development, and reproduction; for healthy bones and marrow; and for brain functions of memory, concentration, and intelligence. Resting, storing and conserving energy in winter recharges us, so nourish and support Kidneys by layering them with warmth and protection. Kidneys are the furnace to spark metabolic processes of the body, and they govern the low back, so conserve Kidney Chi and take care of your back.

To live in optimum health, it is said that the root cause of illnesses must be treated. Take care of the root of your being and become aware of your Kidney health and happiness.

Cora Wen

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