style: restorative, chinese meridian, yoga therapy

duration: 60 min

Chinese Meridian Restorative – Lung to Kidney

Mother Nourishing Water

As in the cycle of the seasons, each element generates another, i.e., one element is the "mother" of the next. Metal (Lungs) is the Mother of Water (Kidneys). Each element is generated by another: Fire is the child of Wood, Earth is the child of Fire, Metal is the child of Earth, Water is the child of Metal, and Wood is the child of Water. In nature, we see this in the seasonal changes: Winter transforms into Spring, Spring changes into Summer et al.

This class focuses on the transition of Metal to Water, focusing on the interplay of Lung and Kidney energy. The intimate relationship between Lung-Kidney is the Mother and Child relationship that nourishes us and protects us to witness and experience life fully.

Cora Wen

Over the past 25 years, Cora Wen has built her reputation as an internationally acclaimed yoga practitioner and teacher.

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