Yoga Bloom Teacher Training

This is a unique opportunity to dive into the practice, study and teaching of Yoga.  YogaBloom® Training  YBT is a program that develops practical essential skills for dedicated and serious practitioners.

This Training is designed for those who want to refine their practice, or as a way to deepen personal experience.  We will develop a community to share this profound practice of Yoga as a comprehensive and life-affirming tradition.

All sessions are small groups and One-on-One to provides individual attention to support professionalism, interest in research and personal growth. I believe in producing role models, developing and re-examining ideas, learning to create community and assist in personal development.

YogaBloom® YBT is approved by Yoga Alliance at 200-hour and 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) status.

Program stresses developing personal voice and inspires discerning and educated observation skills. Strong focus on functional anatomy and kinesiology, along with traditional Yoga texts.

Yoga Bloom – Yoga Alliance Registered School

There are 3  levels of Certification, along with a private Apprentice programme.

YogaBloom® 100 Hour Diving Deeper Program
YogaBloom® Certified 200RYT
YogaBloom® Certified Legacy Teacher
Master Programme 300Hr Advanced Training
YogaBloom® Certified Mentor Teacher – 100 Hr Prevention & Restorative Yoga + 500RYT

Teaching Skills – YogaBloom Teachers uphold the sincerest tradition of this noble and honourable profession. Our teachers uphold the skills necessary to be a creative, compassionate and collaborative guide.

  • Knowledge
  • Communication
  • Interest
  • Respect

YogaBloom® Mentor Master Programme

Mentoring is a way of taking deeper inquiry into the vast ocean of knowledge within the values, beliefs, and practices of Yoga. This deeper foundation of knowledge  can translate into a more productive, efficient, and effective teacher. Formal mentoring is deliberate pairing of protégé and mentor to develop skills and competencies. It provides a flexible structure within a  model that is  conducive to learning and better able to assist in preparing the practitioner to teach or go deeper into the practice.

This programme is set up as a Mentor environment between student and teacher. To mentor a student is  to take the time to guide learning to a path that takes you beyond simply being a provider of information. It is the time to guide you towards educating and inspiring yourself and your students. Along with that, you need to understand how to manage a business, communicate and strategise with peers, contractors and employers, and manage personal practice and teaching time. There are ways to do this successfully, and this programme is structured to give you those skills.

Teacher trainees will learn more than just teach Asana postures. You will learn how to structure and manage class schedules, studio business, develop class themes and curriculum, work with emotional and physical injuries in students and keep boundaries, be a mentor and role model, and inspire and motivate students.

The trainees must assume role of one who is committed to learning, who will take responsibility for personal development, and work diligently and independently. The trainee role includes making best use of current skills and competencies,self- assessing preference and needs, and work to achieve ways to reach goals. The assessments must commit to follow through on actions, including readdressing things that don’t appear to work well

This takes a lot of time with their mentor beyond just teaching lessons. There will be additional online hours to ensure you can understand all information that goes with teaching.

We will focus on

  • questions that encourage self-reflection, critical thinking, and dialogue
  • Helping others in service and cooperative learning
  • Curriculum planning and  choices in learning experiences
  • Participatory evaluation strategies
  • Creating standards and code of ethics

The word “mentor” usually means a “wise and trusted guide”. In Greek mythology, Mentor Μέντωρ was a friend of Odysseus, and when Odysseus went to the Trojan War he entrusted Mentor with his son, Telemachus. Mentor’s wise counsel, teaching, parental concern and protection was integral to Telemachus’s education and development.

Teaching Style 

Cora has 40 years of Buddhist studies and over 29 years of teaching Yoga around the world. Her experience and expertise adds a deep dimension of wisdom and depth not usually offered with such availability. The curriculum is a comprehensive introduction to a “wholistic”practice of Yoga.  Traditional Yoga includes Asana-poses, Pranayama-breathwork, meditation, and philosophical guides to daily living.

Cora’s teaching style and philosophy is safe, inclusive, curious and playful. She respects and honours tradition, while encouraging you to develop individual style and trust inner guidance. Yoga for on and off the mat. Yoga for life and daily living. The traditional limbs of Yogic philosophy, which incorporate, integrate and transform mind, body and spirit.