Class #1 Recorded @YB LAB SJC ([video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”wtIDIMtHA5E” width=”640″ height=”480″ anchor=”Stream”] | Download)

“The Supreme Critic on the errors of the past and the present, and the only prophet of that which must be, is that great nature in which we rest, as the earth lies in the soft arms of the atmosphere; that Unity, that Over-soul, within which every man’s particular being is contained and made one with all other; that common heart.”

– “The Over-Soul”, Ralph Waldo Emerson


We look at the concept of the Soul within and the connection to the Infinite. Using a yoga belt as the only tool, we unveil how to find the “Satya” of our asana and work with the subtle inner alignment.

Class #2 Recorded @YB LAB SJC1382324_10200944567440362_578803507_n

We work on backbending preparations using a chair and yoga belt.

What needs to open for safe backbending? Open the hubs of freedom in shoulders and hips to align the Spine! Find freedom in backbending and openness in heart and mind

Class #3 Recorded @YB LAB SJC

In this session, we work with a chair and variations of twisting. Seated and Standing pose variations to access the movement from the thoracic spine. Looking a the spine as a unit that allows freedom from the foundations of stability to the release of adaptability.