Meridians are pathways of energy flowing throughout the body. Each meridian passes through and affects our organs, our physiological systems, and our emotions. The Meridian System has 12 principal meridians that correspond to the yin and yang organs and the pericardium.

In Chinese Medicine, Yin and Yang organs are physiological functional units that incorporate a much broader meaning then common western thinking.) Meridians linked with yin organs are known as yin meridians; if they are linked to yang organs, they are known as yang meridians. In addition to the12 principal meridians, there are eight extra meridians and smaller network-like luo meridians. Among the eight extra meridians, the Governing Vessel and the Conception Vessel are considered the most important channels, because they contain acupuncture points which are independent of the twelve principal meridians.

Class #1 Recorded October 16, 2013 @YB LAB SJC

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Emotions: Grief/Sadness
Related Organs: Lungs (Yin), Large Intestine (Yang)
Season: Autumn
Taste: Spicy
Body Tissue: Skin
Direction: West
Change: Harvest
Colour: White
Climatic Chi: Dryness
Sense Organ: Nose

“All bodily Ch’i has its physical origin in the lung. If the lung’s Ch’i is clear and straightforward, then there is not a single type of Ch’i in the body that will not obey and flow along smoothly. However, if the lung qi becomes obstructed and turns murky, then the Ch’i dynamics of the entire body will start to go against their natural flow and start to move upwards instead of downwards.”

– Yu Chang, The Statutes of Medicine (Yimen Falü)

Working in Standing Poses, we investigate the Lung Meridian focusing on the Hand Tai Yin.

Class #2 Recorded October 23, 2013 @YB LAB SJC

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When we do not fully process loss in our lives, we may use strategies to resolve the inner conflict by going into extreme work mode, self-medicating, or suppressing emotions. These are ways that we may not “process” difficulty or loss in our lives.

Metal is the transformative element, and more than any season, it reveals our inner world. As we learn to “Let go” physically, emotionally and spiritually, we may actually find that which has been elusive was here all along. We just need to “Clear” our negative thoughts, behaviours and feelings with gentle awareness.

Yoga can help us bring this awareness into body, mind and spirit.

Focus is on the Large Intestine Meridian and how it helps us to work the upper and outer arms in asana

Class #3 Recorded on October 30, 2013 @YB LAB SJC

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Earth from where everything grows, receives its richness and strength from rich minerals. Metal is dissolved in the depths of the earth and  the minerals and metals contained in earth are the element Metal (金 – Jīn). The properties of Metal are communication, transmission and exchange, as a conductor of electricity and communication systems.We would not even be here to share yoga without the element of Meta!

In Chinese Medicine Metal carries the energy in our body. Its motion is from the outside inwards, and its energy is decline and decrease. The movement of Metal energy is down because the breath must reach deep in the belly to oxygenate tissues and cells.

The Lung gives us a relationship with air. Through inspiration we take the oxygen needed to survive and nourish the tissues. Through exhalation we clear our tissues from carbon dioxide.

The Large Intestine has the same function of the Lung through food: we receive nourishment from  food; it is absorbed and rejected as organic material.