This series will explore the nuances Chinese Meridian Theory and the way Seasons and energies are reflected in our bodies and emotions. For Chinese, seasons are associated with the elements, our emotions, specific internal organs, and certain tastes. Autumn begins the feminine Yin cycle, as daylight shortens. Restorative poses can leave us feeling deeply nourished and rested as we slide into the cool, feminine Yin seasons.

Class#1 Recorded October 15, 2013 @YB LAB SJC

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Both Lung Meridian and Large Intestine Meridian are related to Metal Element. The branches of a tree show us this clearly, as each larger branch splits in two. Each smaller branch then splits in two, and so and so on until the branches become leaves. Each leaf begins with a single vein, then splits into smaller and smaller veins, until they reach the individual cells exposed to air.

This is the same way the lungs are formed.

Lungs are “The Minister of Heaven” and responsible for establishing the foundation of Chi for the body. The Lungs bring the “Pure Chi from Heavens” to inspire our heartmind with clarity and courage.

We work with poses in a chair and to bring awareness to the Lung Meridian channels.
Take a look here for a chart on the Lung Meridian

Class#2 Recorded October 22, 2013 @YB LAB SJC

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In Chinese Medicine, the Lungs are known as “The Minister of Heaven” and are responsible for establishing the foundation of Ch’i for the body. Both Lung meridian and Large Intestine meridian are related to Metal Element. The Lungs are responsible for self-protection and self-preservation, and the positive psycho-emotional attributes are righteousness, dignity, integrity, and self-esteem. The negative are disappointment, sadness, grief, despair, anxiety, shame, and sorrow.

The Lungs take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide, much as trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. We can view oxygen as information, energy or change. By taking oxygen we create change which we expel as carbon dioxide. By focusing on the Metal Element, we can begin to unravel the changes that are necessary, even if we are attached to them. This relates to physical clearing of “stuff” to the mental clearing of negative emotions, judgements and resentments.

Class #3 Recorded October 29, 2013 @YB LAB SJC

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Worry agitates the Heart and has repercussions on the Lungs; pensiveness agitates the Heart and has repercussions on the Spleen; anger agitates the Heart and has repercussions on the Liver; fear agitates the Heart and has repercussions on the Kidneys. Therefore all the five emotions affect the Heart”.
~ Yu Chang, Principles of Medical Practice

The Lungs govern Ch’i and sadness depletes Ch’i. Sadness includes grief and regret, and shows itself in a variety of symptoms including fatigue, breathlessness, discomfort in the chest, depression or crying.

Not only time changes things, but since everything changes within itself anyway, the Five Elements Theory is  an observation of natural changes; and it is the natural world confirming that all forces and energies can smoothly and harmoniously transition from one phase to another; just as one season “becomes” the next.