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Yoga Therapy Intensives
Yoga Bloom LAB1000 @San Jose CA

Yoga has been applied with therapeutic intention for thousands of years, and Yoga Therapy is emerging as a discipline in itself. In these sessions, we begin to explore the body in a deeper, subtle way of energy connection to body, mind and spirit. The psycho-emotional effect from movement can only be enhanced with the power of our intention and attention.

These Intensives focus on the qualities of a teacher that can ignite and inspire others. Creativity comes from a solid foundation of good knowledge in your subject, technical expertise and a willingness to look at things with a new lens.

In the words of the learned teacher Confucius:  “Preserve the old, know the new.”

There is mentoring with Cora and required written homework for credit toward Yoga Therapist certification.

Room with a yoga view

Yoga Therapy Intensive

Saturday & Sunday May 30-31

9:30a-12:30p &  2:30p-5:30p

2-Day Yoga Therapy Intensive $550 (15Hrs Credit)

Thursday-Sunday June 19-22

4-Day Yoga Therapy Intensive $1,300 (50Hrs Credit)

Limited Attendees ONLY
Must Be Accepted in Advance

One-on-One Mentoring

Individual Mentoring : 20+ Hours

2-3 Days $1200+

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ALL Hours are credited toward YOGA BLOOM LAB1000 Yoga Therapy Training.
YOGA BLOOM LAB1000 has a completed submission with IAYT for a Yoga Therapy School Accreditation for 2014.

Learn Yoga Therapy techniques and how to incorporate them into our teaching and practice.
Class will meet 9:00a-6:00p, and practicum assignments are due as scheduled in each Session.

Please bring your personal mat, eye cover and any specific items you need for personal practice.