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Sessions are available for download with paid purchase.

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Therapeutic Yoga Methodology

  1. Feet as foundation
  2. Uttitha Parsvakonasana variations
  3. Spleen-Stomach Meridian Intro
  4. Backbending with Spinal Extension

YB LAB1000 – Chinese Meridian Magic

  1. Meridian Magic
  2. The Space Between Yin and Yang
  3. Bending Towards Heaven
  4. Nourishing Metal Energy
  5. Transforming Metal Energy
  6. Breathing In, Breathing Out
  7. Hip Openings of Gold
  8. Inner Groin of Happiness
  9. Darkness to Light
  10. Twisting into the Belly
  11. Let Go into Freedom
  12. Hubs of Freedom

YB LAB1000 Clinic – Case Studies

  1. Shoulder Injury for Corporate Executive
  2. Balancing the Belly Organs for Gastrointestinal Health
  3. Low Back Pain in Yoga Practitioner
  4. TriAthlete recuperating Hip Injury for Competition

Restorative Yoga Therapy

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 8.08.21 PM

  1. Emotional affect of Restorative for Grief, Anxiety & Depression
  2. Restorative yoga for Grief
  3. Restorative yoga for Anxiety
  4. Restorative yoga for Depression

Restorative & 5 Elements

  1. Nourishing Earth Meridians
  2. Twisting the Middle of Earth
  3. Unveiling Treasures of Earth
  4. Branches of Meridian Metal
  5. Metal Minister of Heaven
  6. Harmonising Metal Energy
  7. Emotions of Metal Element
  8. Courage of Forgiveness in Metal
  9. Mother Nourishing the Water
  10. Entering the Water of Yin
  11. Nourishing & Folding into Water
  12. Earth & Sky into Deep Kidney Yin

Props 101

  1. Upper Cross Syndrome
  2. Parsvattonasana Variations
  3. With Wall & Chair
  4. How to Use a Yoga Belt
  5. Chair Backbends
  6. Twisting VariationsJackW_0925

Curative Alignment Vinyasa

  1. Salutation Variations
  2. Arm Balancing into the Groin
  3. Activating Fire in Twists
  4. Structuring Strong Legs
  5. Preparing for Wheel
  6. Twists of the Sage

Philosophy for Yoga Therapy

  1. Intro to Patanjali Yoga Sutras
  2. Purusha & Prakriti, Pada I overview
  3. Four Keys to the Heart
  4. Kleshas and Freedom



90+ min Sessions + Handouts

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$97 – $147 Downloadable Class

Sessions are available for download with paid purchase.

You can watch anywhere, anytime for your convenience!

Sacro Iliac 101: FUNction & DYSfunction

  • The Sacrum is a very important stabiliser
  • Learn what and how to work with sacroiliac joint stability
  • The Sacroiliac joint instability is more common than disc problems as a cause of lower back pain

Sacrum Gluteus Dance

  • Learn how to recognise imbalances and weaknesses in the Gluteus
  • Imbalance in Glutes can create and exacerbate instability and misalignment
  • Glutes are the single biggest muscle group, but one of the most misunderstood and least used