Training Modules on Retreat

YogaBloom® YBTT Retreats provide a unique opportunity to immerse yourself into an environment to enhance your learning experience. Delving into an intensive programme with other dedicated and enthusiastic practitioners and trainees will infuse new energy into your studies! Sessions will range 1-3 weeks and average 8-9 hours of study per day. This intensity and focus is not for a dilettante practitioner, so please come with a sense of dedication and willingness to learn, share and serve.

Each retreat curriculum interweaves to form an integral and complete system that balances the tangible Physical and the subtle Pranic body. Each Retreats will focus on the season and nature that surrounds the retreat locations. In Hawaii, we embrace water and fire, the energy of the mountains and ocean, while in California, we find nourishment and earthy calm in the giant redwood forests and misty, mossy wine country. From the high mountain plateaus of Colorado to the lush tropical jungles of Thailand, YogaBloom® YBTT Retreats will create a sanctuary to study, stimulate and soothe your mind and body, as you share and serve in this practice we call Yoga.

Class sessions will focus on anatomy and physiology of the  vital organs and associated energy meridian effect on physical and emotional. The intention is to work with the environments we live in, so each season and location will influence classroom learning. As we become more in tune with our surroundings and seasons, we develop skills to notice subtle parts of ourselves and others. These skills help you become your own best teacher, which develops empathy and the ability to see, observe, distinguish and create connection with people, not just poses.