Yoga Bloom LAB Therapy Training offers an in depth and comprehensive teacher training, to gain knowledge, skills, and the confidence to be an exceptional yoga teacher, able to work in any environment.

Yoga Bloom LAB Therapy Training is modeled in higher education; with an aim to educate not indoctrinate, and to offer rich and varied curricula, so we can develop teachers who think for themselves, and make informed decisions in the shared practice of a yoga classroom.

A yoga therapist can be instrumental in improving the abilities and lives of peoples health by providing enthusiastic and encouraging therapeutic sessions, and using their personal knowledge and experience to help and heal.

This integrated curriculum is taught by expert teachers with decades of experience, and Yoga Bloom LAB Therapy Training will cultivate the ability for you to thrive in your personal practice and profession as a teacher.

The Yoga Therapy program is established to provide formal recognition for yoga therapists with advanced knowledge, experience, and skills, and to assist consumers and the health care community in identifying these yoga therapists.

With this approach, Yoga Bloom LAB Therapy Training is compatible with all styles and traditions of yoga practice. Take a look here and see how our Modular system works.


Come learn, share and transform, while immersing yourself in a community that encourages inquiry and knowledge. Yoga can awaken the natural intelligence of life-force to thrive in all aspects of life.

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May this practice be of benefit to all.


To walk this journey, assisting and guiding can challenge us personally and professionally. It is critical that we each ask ourselves if we have the perceptive patience needed to relate to meeting therapeutic challenges.

Classes are small and intimate to offer a program designed for professional teachers to further their studies, and for dedicated practitioners to deepen practice.

Those interested in the Therapeutic track are required to do homework for each sessions we meet. These assignments will account for assessment hours required for the Therapeutic Accreditation of IAYT, and will not be required if you are looking to just pursue a 500RYT certification with Yoga Alliance. It is expected that you will have the self guidance to pursue your own inquiry and specialization.

Specialization is the process by which we build on a broad education and practice to develop greater depth of knowledge and skills related to a particular area. Yoga therapy responds to specific needs and requires knowledge, skill, and experience.

Gain skills to become a unique teacher, soaked in the yogic principles of non harming, clear insight and discernment. Increase your knowledge of biomechanics, neurobiological changes, experiential and functional anatomy, somatics, breath awareness and mindfulness.

As we embody yoga into our lives, we become inspired to guide others. As we develop into mature teachers, we can deeply impact the world we live in.

Please send a note here advising me that you are interested in pursuing the Therapeutic Track, and we will discuss how to proceed with a mentoring path. It is my belief that this work allows teacher and student to work together to improve lifes challenges physically, mentally and emotionally.