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Autumn Aequinoctium – Equinox Health

Autumn Aequinoctium – Equinox Health

Chinese, Chinese Medicine, Healthy Living, Seasonal Living, Seasons, Yoga

Autumn Season Element – Metal Colour – White Nature – New Yin Organs – Lung, Large Intestine Emotion – Grief/Courage
 Taste – Spicy Condition – Dry The Autumn Equinox  marks the official end of summer. Nights become longer…

The Kingdom of Bhutan, Druk Yul – Land of Thunder Dragon

Adventure Tours, Bhutan, Buddhist, Myths & Legends, Yoga, Yoga travel

The Kingdom Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, is a magical place. A country where a handsome young Asian Elvis look-a-like became King, cigarettes are illegal, chillies are a staple, rice is red and giant protective penises…

Important Information for Himalaya Tour

Adventure Tours, Bhutan, Yoga, Yoga travel

PREPARATION FOR TRAVEL ON MAGICAL MYSTICAL YOGA TOUR – SIKKIM & BHUTAN: DOCUMENTS: You must have your passport and visa before you leave the US. India has now outsourced its visa issuing to Travisa (800-222-2589,  You apply…

Sikkim Geography & Himalaya Packing List

Adventure Tours, Workshops & Intensives, Yoga

On our Magical Mystical Tour we will return to the Himalayas and the land of our Tibetan friends in Sikkim. We will travel to West Sikkim and visit Pelling, Gangtok, the capital and spend 3 nights in the…

Sikkim = Just Heaven… Call Me OM

Adventure Tours, Buddhist, Myths & Legends, Workshops & Intensives, Yoga

Sikkim …Just Heave Land of Mystery   Nepalese call it Sukhirn – ‘The New Place’; and for Bhutias seeing endless tracts of paddy fields it was Demazong, ‘The Valley of Rice’. But the original inhabitants, the Lepchas understood it…

Between Earth and Sky… Late Summer Healing

Chinese, Chinese Medicine, Healthy Living, Seasonal Living, Seasons, Teacher Training

Seasons & Rhythms Chinese Medicine does not separate mind and body – life situations and emotions are all considered in a treatment plan for health. Excessive emotions are seen to adversely affect the organ systems responsible for the…

Sikkim, Is THIS the Last Shangri-La?

Adventure Tours, Buddhist, Myths & Legends, Yoga, Yoga travel

“British authour James Hilton in his novel, ‘LOST HORIZON’ introduces the concept of “SHANGRI-LA”,a mystical, harmonious valley, guided from a monastery. It has now become synonymous with an earthly paradise, particularly a mythical HImalayan Utopia—a permanently happy land,…