Druk Air is the only international carrier of the Royal Government of the Kingdom of Bhutan. It was established on 14 January 1983, and for quite a while it was a single plane, in a single airport in the least travelled part of the world, nestled deeply into the Himalayan range.

Bhutan’s international airport is located in the Paro valley at 7,300 ft above sea level. The surrounding mountains are 16,000 ft, and approach into Paro airport is entirely by visual flight rules.

Starting with two destinations in 1983, Druk Air now operatesseveral weekly flights to India, Nepal and Thailand. Paro Airport sits produly flying prayer flags in a narrow valley at 2,235m (7,330 ft) above sea level, surrounded by mountains of 4,900m (16,000 ft). It may be the smallest national carrier in the world, and Druk-Air hostesses are trained by Thai Airways International “to give the airline its credibility and charm.” (Druk Air)


Druk Air International Route

Druk Air was established by a Royal Proclamation on April ,5 1981, and began operating on January 14, 1983. Traffic growth led to the need for a larger aircraft, and the BAe 146-100 was selected  as it had the ability to navigate the tight confines of Bhutan’s Paro Airport, located in a deep valley at 7,333 feet surrounded by mountains as high as 16,000 feet.

Another BAe 146-100 was brought into service on November 16 , 1988 with routes to Calcutta and Dhaka, and another was delivered in December 1992, bringing additional service to New Delhi, Bangkok, Kathmandu, and Yangon was added briefly. Druk Air start flights to SINGAPORE and MUMBAI in 2012 subject to clearance and purchase of another aircraft. The schedule to these destinations is tentative.

In addition to scheduled international services, Druk Air also operate weekly sight-seeing flights over the Himalayas from October to March. Druk Air’s 146s are fitted with 10 business class and 62 economy class seats.

For flight schedules and other information on Druk Air please log on to their website www.drukair.com.bt

Besides international flights Druk Air along with Tashi Air, a local private air service have started DOMESTIC AIR SERVICES beginning 17 December, 2011.


Druk Air operates to Paro, Bhutan from Bangkok daily, two to four time weekly from Delhi and Kathmandu, 2-3 week from Kolkata, Bagdogra and Dhaka, orginating from Bangkok. Bangkok flights are out of BKK – Suvarnabhumi International Airport Occasional flights are available via Gaya.

The only way to book a flight on Druk-Air is through a licensed Tour Operator. Druk Air’s schedule for international and domestic air service is provided HERE.

Note : Druk Air flight schedules are subject to change at the last minute. We suggest you check with us for updates on the schedule. Flight prices of the flight are charged on top of the daily tariff.

Below lists approximate price for return flights of Druk Air :
Kathmandu – Paro – Kathmandu USD 445
Kolkata – Paro – Kolkata USD 430
Delhi – Paro – Delhi USD 710
Bangkok – Paro – Bangkok USD 790


Druk Air flight booking is centralised in Thimphu, Bhutan. It is not IATA member, and cannot be booked on any Global System (GDS). Druk Air does not accept credit cards


Druk Air allows one carry-on and one cabin bag of 20 kg (two pieces) of checked luggage in Economy. Business class is allowed additional 10kgs oat check-in

Prayer Flags at Paro Airport

Accompanied baggage from Bangkok and Dhaka is restricted to 20 Kgs above normal allowance subject to 2 suitcase-sized pieces per passenger. Normal excess baggage rates will apply for this allowance. Bulky items will not be accepted as accompanied baggage. Passengers are requested to book anything additional as checked baggage (Cargo).

Druk Air Cancellation Rules:

  • Any Cancellation of  Druk Air tickets regardless of season or dates prior to departure are subject to a 15% penalty of the airfare price.
  • During the high tourism season (March, April, May, September, October, November) Druk Air cancellations made from 60 days to 30 days before departure are subject to 50% penalty of the airfare. Cancellations made less than 30 days before departure are not eligible for any refund and therefore 100% of airfare is forfeited.
  • During the low tourism season (January, February, June, July, August, December) Druk Air cancellations made from 21 days to 14 days before departure are subject to 50% penalty of the airfare. Cancellations made less than 14 days before departure are not eligible for any refund and therefore 100% of airfare is forfeited.
  • Applies to GSA/PSA tour group USD fare bookings
  • In the event, a passenger holding a confirmed booking who fails to show up for a flight will not be eligible for any refund.
  • If a Druk Air passenger breaks their travel for more than 72, reconfirmation of reservation is required 72 hours before departure of the flight, or reservation will be cancelled with no refund eligibility.
  • A documentation fee of Nu500 will be charged for each request.
  • In the event a passenger requires rescheduling, based on flight availability, the following additional rebooking fees will be imposed.
  • 48 hours before departure – Nu500
  • 36 hours before departure – Nu1000
  • 24 hours before departure – Nu1500
  • Lost Tickets – non refundable

Airport Codes for Reference
BKK Bangkok
CCU Kolkata
DEL New Delhi
KTM Kathmandu
DAC Dakha
GAY Gaya (India Seasonal)
IXB Bagdogra

Druk Air Travel Distances and Time:

PBH Paro To  km (miles)
BKK: 1,930 (1199) – 03hrs.20min
CCU:  556 (345) – 01hr.07min
DEL:  1,340 (832 – 02hrs.40min
KTM Kathmandu    535 (332) – 01hr

BKK Bangkok To km (miles)
CCU: 1,670 (1037)  02hrs.40min
PBH: 1,930 (1199)  03hrs.20min
CCU Calcutta To
BKK: 1,670 (1037) – 02hrs.36min
PBH: 556 (345) – 01hr

DEL Delhi To km (miles)
PBH: 1,340 (832) – 02hrs.10min
KTM: 900 (559) – 01hr.33min

KTM Kathmandu To km (miles)
DEL: 900 (559) – 01hrs.34min
PBH: 535 (332) – 56min