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Category - Yoga

Important Information for Himalaya Tour

Adventure Tours, Bhutan, Yoga, Yoga travel

PREPARATION FOR TRAVEL ON MAGICAL MYSTICAL YOGA TOUR – SIKKIM & BHUTAN: DOCUMENTS: You must have your passport and visa before you leave the US. India has now outsourced its visa issuing to Travisa (800-222-2589,  You apply…

Sikkim Geography & Himalaya Packing List

Adventure Tours, Workshops & Intensives, Yoga

On our Magical Mystical Tour we will return to the Himalayas and the land of our Tibetan friends in Sikkim. We will travel to West Sikkim and visit Pelling, Gangtok, the capital and spend 3 nights in the…

Sikkim = Just Heaven… Call Me OM

Adventure Tours, Buddhist, Myths & Legends, Workshops & Intensives, Yoga

Sikkim …Just Heave Land of Mystery   Nepalese call it Sukhirn – ‘The New Place’; and for Bhutias seeing endless tracts of paddy fields it was Demazong, ‘The Valley of Rice’. But the original inhabitants, the Lepchas understood it…

Sikkim, Is THIS the Last Shangri-La?

Adventure Tours, Buddhist, Myths & Legends, Yoga, Yoga travel

“British authour James Hilton in his novel, ‘LOST HORIZON’ introduces the concept of “SHANGRI-LA”,a mystical, harmonious valley, guided from a monastery. It has now become synonymous with an earthly paradise, particularly a mythical HImalayan Utopia—a permanently happy land,…

BKS Iyengar Advanced Restorative Sequence

Healthy Living, Teacher Training, Yoga, YTT

Rodney Yee was my first Yoga teacher and he showed me this sequence in the late 90s when we were teaching in Toronto, Canada. BKS Iyengar gave this class in Pune, India in the mid 90s and Rodney…

Summer Heart Sizzle

Chinese, Chinese Medicine, Healthy Living, Seasonal Living, Seasonal Medicine, Seasons, Teacher Training, Yoga

Element – Fire, Color – Red, Nature – Yang, Movement – Up and Outward Organs – Heart, Small Intestine, Emotion – Joy 
Taste – Bitter, Condition – Hot Chinese Medicine is based on balancing opposites in nature; dark…

Divine Mother, the Lotus Born

Myths & Legends, Seasonal Living, Stories and Tales, Teacher Training, Yoga

On this Day of the Mother, I remember my beloved Mother, and on a global level honor our Eternal Divine Mother; the sacred feminine, source of all power and creation. In Yoga, Shakti is the concept and personification…

Both Sides of the Mountain

Chinese, Chinese Medicine, Healthy Living, Seasonal Living, Seasonal Medicine, Seasons, Teacher Training, Yoga

Traditional health sciences of India and China share many of the same concepts. Ayurveda, the ancient tradition of India, is usually translated as “science of life”. Chinese Medicine is integral to all things in traditional Chinese lifestyle. Ayurvedic…

ShantiDeva’s Prayer

Buddhist, Prayer, Teacher Training, Yoga, YTT

May all beings everywhere, Plagued by sufferings of body and mind, Obtain an ocean of happiness and joy By virtue of my merits. May no living creature suffer, Commit evil or ever fall ill. May no one be…

Bhutan Facts & Tourism Policy

Adventure Tours, Bhutan, Yoga, Yoga travel

Kingdom of Bhutan On the roof of the world, sandwiched into the Great Himalayas, sits Bhutan, Land of The Thunder Dragon, in a small, independent, autonomous kingdom. 72% of the country is forest, and Bhutan is home to rare…