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Category - YTT

Yoga Journal Thailand Interview 2009

Teacher Training, Yoga, Yoga travel, YTT

from Yoga Journal Thailand Interview – Teacher Highlight – Cora Wen YJ: What was your childhood in your hometown (where), could you introduce yourself? CW: I was born in Hong Kong in a traditional Chinese family, and have…

Shiva 5-Ohm

Myths & Legends, Prayer, Stories and Tales, Teacher Training, Yoga, YTT

I have always been fascinated by different cultures and how they intermingle. As a multi culti masala mix myself, Ive been interested in how people from different parts of the world see things, and how that is similar…

Harmonising Yin Yang – published in Yoga Journal Thailand

Chinese Medicine, Featured, Healthy Living, inspiration, Teacher Training, Yoga, YTT

This is a translation of an article published in Yoga Journal Thailand April 2011 Harmonising Yin Yang To Squat or Not to Squat In Asia, it is natural to squat. It’s comfortable, and a part of daily life…

The ROM of Major Joints

Healthy Living, Teacher Training, Yoga, YTT

In my last post What is Range of Motion (ROM) we discussed ROM and how it is measured. It is something that is interesting to note, as we often assume in Yoga that all joints can move in…

What is Range of Motion (ROM) in Joints?

Healthy Living, Teacher Training, Yoga, YTT

In a recent conversation with my good friend, teacher and mentor Judith Hanson Lasater, the degrees of movement in the spine came up as a topic. Yes, yogis do really have dinner conversations about this! We were discussing…

What is Therapeutic Yoga?

Featured, Healthy Living, Teacher Training, Yoga, YTT

Therapeutic Yoga focuses on working with mental and physical conditions. It utilises yogic techniques including posture, breath work, meditation and pose variations created for a unique need and/or individual. Therapeutic Yoga is particularly helpful for recovering from, or…

from Yoga Journal TOT – Himalaya Tour Blog #8

Adventure Tours, Buddhist, Myths & Legends, Yoga, YTT

PRESSING INTO PELLING _ HIMS THE VIEWS from Yoga Journal Teachers on Tour Unpublished November 2010 As the last stop in the Sikkim Himalayas, we journey to West Sikkim with some of the best views of the Kanchendzonga…

BKS Iyengar Advanced Restorative Sequence

Healthy Living, Teacher Training, Yoga, YTT

Rodney Yee was my first Yoga teacher and he showed me this sequence in the late 90s when we were teaching in Toronto, Canada. BKS Iyengar gave this class in Pune, India in the mid 90s and Rodney…

ShantiDeva’s Prayer

Buddhist, Prayer, Teacher Training, Yoga, YTT

May all beings everywhere, Plagued by sufferings of body and mind, Obtain an ocean of happiness and joy By virtue of my merits. May no living creature suffer, Commit evil or ever fall ill. May no one be…

Gayatri Mantra

Prayer, Teacher Training, Yoga, YTT

Gayatri Mantra ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत् सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् Om Bhur Bhuvah svah Tat savitur varenyam, Bhargo devasya dhimahi; Dhiyo yonah prachodayat We meditate upon the radiant Divine Light of that adorable Sun…