yoga-philosophyYOGA BLOOM LAB1000

Yoga Bloom LAB1000 Yoga Therapy Training is an educational and practical study for a student or teacher of yoga who wants to develop a deeper understanding of the practice beyond the basic asana class.

Yoga Bloom LAB1000 Yoga Therapy Training is designed to help direct each individual toward developing their own practice, and facilitating growth on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Becoming an authentic teacher is a process that relies on experience, maturity, self-exploration, and reflection. It is the purpose of Yoga Bloom LAB Yoga Therapy Training explores a variety of ways of thinking about authenticity in teaching, from the perspective of scholar and practitioner.

Yoga Bloom YBTT1000 Yoga Therapy Trainings are in-depth training based on core alignment principles drawn from the Iyengar tradition. Teachings are through asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, and personal inquiry for an engaging, challenging and transformative process.

Yoga Bloom LAB1000 is an intense and intimate training, limited to small classrooms, so in traditional style, each student-teacher is encouraged to develop in the way most appropriate to him/her. All student-teachers are required to develop a personal practice incorporating the various tools of yoga.  This training is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level.


Take a look at Deeper Learning and Sample 5 Day Module.QL2

Day 1 A Teachers Toolbox – Anatomy, Ahimsa & Alignment
Anatomical planes, language and Vinyasa Standing pose alignment

Day 2 Sequencing & Developing Creativity – Theme & Variation
How to Sequence and Develop Themes for classes and workshops

Day 3 Establishing Connection – Weaving Mythology & Movement
Philosophy of Yoga – Goddesses, Monkeys and the Chariot of Truth

Day 4 Role of Teacher – Sincerity & Clarity
Embracing the Inspiration of Teaching

Day 5 Art of Teaching – Nourishing Your Voice
Finding the Flow of Your Qi’s Song
Chinese Meridians and Yoga – 
Liver Qi and how to move with the Meridians

Dates of Yoga Bloom LAB1000 Training

Each day will include a rigorous examination of asana through the lens of functional anatomy, breath, sequencing principles, adaptation and adjustment. Through this deeper inquiry, one develops the skills to adapt asana practice for a wide-range of populations and to meet the needs of individual students within a group context. YBTT is beneficial for yoga teachers and students who want to intensify their practice and develop a deeper understanding of yoga and themselves. Deep learning is a long, leisurely drink from a deep well of knowledge, rather than quick sips from many different wells.

Deep learning suggests students will follow a stream of inquiry to the headwaters, rather than sampling sips from all directions. Embracing the Role of the Teacher is challenging beyond all expectation, shaking one to the root of body and soul, yet will transform one to become smoother and stronger.

Cora will work to help cultivate your practice and mentor you through the training process. Each Module does include written homework and practice, and Cora will review your work and teaching direction, particularly as you specialise in Therapeutics. Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits are available.