Gimme Shelter - 5 Days of Rest + Rejuvenation

Thank you for your interest in the Autumn Retreat on Shelter Island 2022

It has been too Long since I was with you in person, and it will be a wonderful time to share space and connections!

Shelter in September

I am offering a 5-Day retreat September 18th-22nd, 2022. We will be staying in a lovely Victorian house by the sea, with simple accommodations and spectacular views on beautiful Shelter Island. Shelter Island is a hamlet island off the coast of Long Island in New York. It sits between the North and South Fork of Long Island, and is is separated by water. Shelter Island is only accessible by car ferry.

This time is meant for you to reconnect after these long months of Pandemic Life. The retreat ends on Autumn Equinox, the official end of summer. “Equinox” is Latin for equal night, as day and night are of equal time on this day, and the sun is directly over the equator. This is the center of the seasons, a time of stillness, and balance. In the Buddhist tradition, it is Upeksha – Equanimity, a time to find center.

We will gather together to connect, practice yoga and spend time outdoors watching the sun set into the Ocean. It is a magical spot to watch the sun set, as we move into the cooler months.

Retreat Includes

  • 4 Nights Single/Double Accommodations 
  • Daily Breakfast + Dinner
  • Morning classes Active yoga 
  • Afternoon classes Restorative yoga
  • Free Afternoons
  • Visit to Sylvestor Manor & Tribal Burial Grounds

Please note these are simple accommodations, so Double occupancy is encouraged for friends/family only. Roomates will NOT be assigned. 

Surrounded by beaches, the closest beach is a short walk to Cresent Beach where you can rent paddle boards. Wades Beach has fiddleheads to catch and piping plovers are seen on the peninsula at Shell Beach.

Retreat Days will include time for yoga and personal time

Our Retreat Center is located on the northwest tip of Shelter Island, on a property that encompasses 25 acres. It is a beautiful and sacred place, perfect for connecting to nature, to others, and to one’s self.

A time for introspection, to get quiet and notice our breath, the life force of inhalation bringing energy in and exhalation releasing energy out. Plant your seeds, nurture yourself and let go of what you don’t need…

Join me, and celebrate the shifting seasons as we connect with each other again. May we be of service to one another and support equanimity in mind, body and spirit.


Latitude: 41.0700335   |   Longitude: -72.37867080000001