YogonlineYoga Bloom LAB gives students the skills, insights and practice to bring Alignment Yoga techniques into teaching and practice in ways that are inspiring, enjoyable, safe and relevant.
You can watch or listen to video recordings at your convenience.
Learning this way allows you to learn and begin applying concepts in class, while having the opportunity to review information as needed. Online classes are a great way to learn, and its easy review with recordings for you to play back anytime you want, in the convenience of wherever you have internet access!


Online/Distance Learning classes are via audio or visual conference call, live streaming or online Chat. All sessions credit as Continuing Education Units and Contact hours with Cora Wen in any YB LAB programs.
For CEUs, Contact Hours and any Specialty Certification, there will be additional written homework REQUIRED.

Curative Alignment – Download

This is an Asana Practice class along with Teaching Methodology. Please bring props for Practice.

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This series offers Yoga tips and techniques to work in a multi level Vinyasa class.

Students come in with different needs, whic include improving sports performance, stretchin and strengthening muscles or finding connections and challenges to body and mind.

  • Tips & Techniques for Multi Level Vinyasa Class
  • Working in multi-level flow class with different flexibility & strength
  • How to work with body restrictions and injury
  • How to work with hyper mobile joints and bodies

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Props 101 Tools for Yoga – Download

This is an Asana Practice class. Please bring props for Practice.

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As we move into the future with Yoga as a complementary health tool, we are seeing more injuries, as well as chronic and acute ailments in a multi-level public yoga class. The more we learn how to work with injury, the more we are able to feel confidant how to protect and educate students.

Props are handy to fit individual bodies, as more and more people come to yoga asana (poses) for health related issues. In this series, learn how yoga practice can heal or harm, and how alignment dysfunction may manifest in practice.

  • How to use Yoga techniques in Multi Level Vinyasa Class
  • How to work in multi-level flow class with different flexibility & strength
  • How to work with body restrictions and injury
  • How to work with overly supple bodies

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This series will explore the nuances Chinese Meridian Theory and the way Seasons and energies are reflected in our bodies and emotions. For Chinese, seasons are associated with the elements, our emotions, specific internal organs, and certain tastes. Autumn begins the feminine Yin cycle, as daylight shortens. Restorative poses can leave us feeling deeply nourished and rested as we slide into the cool, feminine Yin seasons.

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Yoga Therapy of the Mind

We will meet 1x a month throughout the year to dive deeper into the well of Philosophy.
This class will have reading assignments and audio discussion meetings, as well as stream and video.
Please look for this exciting new series to explore my favourite readings!