Over the past 28 years, Cora Wen has built an international reputation in helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle. She has expertise in anatomy and alignment, specializing in Wellness and Yoga.

Cora’s expertise and creativity in yoga has made her a sought-after yoga educator across the globe for almost three decades. From international conference keynote speaker to one-on-one volunteer worker, Cora is committed to the benefit of yoga as a life healing tool. Her unique eye has helped many special audiences in acute and chronic health care find yoga and meditation as complementary healing.

She has helped develop clinical studies with UC San Francisco, NIH and Vanderbilt University. A contributor to Yoga Journal,Yoga international and Yoga Alliance, she is a consultant in Wellness programs in the US, Canada and Asia.

Recording to guide you into deep relaxation.

Cora provides an audio recording to teach us a way to breathe: slowly and deeply.

Listen to a Simple Relaxation Breath. 

Concentrated breathing increases positive energy by enriching blood with oxygen. Yogic breathing exercises can help clear physical and emotional obstacles in the body to free the flow of life force. 

This breathing helps calm anxiety, and bring you into a relaxed state. Breathing this way increases the capacity of the lungs, brings more oxygen into the body and stimulates the Vagus nerve. You can supercharge your entire body with this easy technique!

Savasana – Relaxation Video

There is growing evidence that Yoga is an effective rehabilitation tool. Medical institutions and leading health organisations have tested the efficacy of Yoga in clinical trials for cancer treatment and rehabilitation, heart disease, PTSD, metabolic syndrome, addiction, asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain syndromes including low back pain and repetitive strain injuries.

Modern life can over stimulate us, creating anxiety and stress, leading to stress disorders like fatigue and insomnia. Combining the healing of Restorative Yoga and the quiet awareness of meditation to slow down, we can find our own personal levels of good health. Restorative Yoga uses the principles of Yoga to relieve stress and promote recovery of injury and illness. Sessions are modified sequences specifically fit to the needs of the individual.

Restorative Yoga is often used for disease treatment, as the various poses promote proper alignment that enable the body and muscles to release into a relaxed state. As the body rests, natural, healing and relaxation responses are established. Restorative yoga may elicit healing and well being in a holistic approach to medicine and preventative healthcare.