This series will explore the nuances of setting up Restorative poses as sanctuary for mind, body and spirit. We will concentrate on working with the Chinese Meridian Theory of the Organic and Emotional Body.

JackW_0925Seasons and energies are reflected in our bodies and emotions, as microcosm reflect the macrocosm, and for Chinese, seasons are associated with the elements, our emotions, specific internal organs, and certain tastes.

Restorative Yoga is highly adaptable to accommodate the needs of different conditions and physical abilities.They have a special ability to leave us feeling deeply nourished and rested.

Click link here for PRYSMS Study that Cora worked with, funded by National Institute of Health, and University of California, San Francisco Medical Center.

Yin Yang 

Yin and Yang are in a constantly dynamic relationship with each other, and as one reaches a peak, the seed of the other is born, and begins blooming as the other wanes. Yin nourishes Yang, as Yang motivates Yin.

This is the natural order of things reflected in the dynamic cycle of Yin Yang. The key to understanding this relationship is to see it as animated, in motion, and constantly changing from one to the other. Chinese Medicine recommends cultivating Yang energy in spring and summer, while protecting Yin energy in autumn and winter.

Chinese Medicine sees Nature and its patterns, forms and seasons as part of the natural rhythm of life. We will work to keep our source of vitality invigorated, and look at how the Meridians and Natures Seasons can help  us focus inwardly in Restorative Yoga.

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