WHAT IS YOGA BLOOM LAB?2012 Yoga Alliance @ Indian Wells, CA

YogaBloom LAB Therapeutic Training helps you develop practical and essential skills to become a Yoga Therapist.

Yoga Bloom LAB is committed to the highest educational standards for the training of Yoga therapists, as recommended by IAYT – International Association of Yoga Therapist.

Yoga Bloom is a supporting Member School with IAYT, and has established a relationship with the Educational Standards Committee, charged with developing the standards for the training of Yoga Therapists.

YogaBloom is a Modular approach which allows you to pick and tailor class-time to your needs. This individualized system lets you accumulate hours within your own learning needs and interests.

YogaBloom Modules are offered regionally and internationally. Click here for more information on the Modules, and a sample 5 day Module


Yoga Bloom LAB is a 2-year Certified Yoga Therapist program, for advanced Yoga teachers and health professionals who want to supplement their practice with yoga therapeutic techniques.

Yoga Bloom LAB is registered with the Yoga Alliance RYT 500 hour certification. Completion of all Modules, Online Learning and Workshop Intensives exceeds the requirements of the 800-hour standards from the International Association of Yoga Therapists. If you are a yoga teacher or health care professional with a serious yoga practice, you will gain valuable insight from knowledgeable yoga faculty and practitioners.

It is for practitioners who want to launch or refine a teaching career, or as a way to deepen personal experience. YogaBloom is designed so you can study and complete the program within your own time and needs.

iphotos-31WHAT WILL I LEARN?

Yoga Bloom LAB will teach you more than just to teach postures. You will learn how to structure and manage classes and workshops, develop themes and curriculum, work with emotional and physical injuries in students and keep ethical and professional boundaries. You will see the skills necessary to be a mentor and role model, and the blessing of learning how to inspire and motivate students.

The Yoga Bloom LAB Trainee must commit to learning, take responsibility for personal development, and work diligently and independently. This takes time beyond just taking classes and workshops. The additional homework hours may take a lot of time for reflection and review, rather than just straight right/wrong answers.

YogaBloom LAB Therapeutic Teacher Training explores the tradition of Yoga, helping students gather tools and insight into their personal journey and experience of Yoga. Certification generally requires 10-18 months, but time varies dependent on curriculum, and personal motivation of self study – Svadhyaya.


If you are currently a 200RYT, you will gain 500RYT status. Completing all hours with Cora and no electives provides 200RYT status. Based on current International standards, you will be a Certified Yoga Therapist upon graduation.Logo_RYS 500

*Please note the standards for curriculum for Certified Yoga Therapist will be announced in 2014 by IAYT

500RYT Status – if you are RYT200: requires a total of 280 hours of contact hours. 150 Hours with Cora Wen and the necessary Online Class, Yoga Study Logs and Journals, and workshops does meet Yoga Alliance standards.

If you live near a Studio Affiliate, you can accumulate hours at your local studio! This is a unique opportunity to dive into the practice, study and teaching of Yoga under the guidance of an internationally recognized senior yoga teacher.

This Training was developed with an appreciation and desire to honor the wisdom and breadth of the spiritual tradition of Yoga. It is important to carry on tradition and provide an opportunity for yogis to practice and share the extraordinary teachings in a supportive and nurturing environment. This ease and flexibility works for modern lifestyles and bridges some of the gaps between theory and practice, between practicing on the mat and practicing in the world, and between learning and living as a whole.

We will develop a community to share this profound practice of Yoga as a comprehensive and life-affirming tradition.

If you are interested in hosting part or all of the YogaBloom Teacher Training, please contact me.

Cora Wen YTT


Cora is dedicated to the Yoga practice and believes in its healing power. She loves to explore the deep connections of East and West ideas and concepts, and is always open to sharing the journey with others.

The intention of curriculum, reading, practices, assignments, course requirements and thoroughness of process reflects a desire to instill excellence and discernment in a community and teachers.

YogaBloom provides a wide, in-depth, and personal approach to teaching how to share Yoga. Modules concentrate on developing specific skills needed to teach safe, effective and creative classes. Cora is committed to help others, and wants to encourage skills that create exceptional teachers and practitioners who embody Yoga. A community of yogis who lead and inspire others in the traditions and ideals of Yogic and Buddhist communities living in non-violence.

If you are interested in joining this programme:

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Teacher Affiliate Faculty

All teachers must be documented as an E-RYT, or have training in subject of minimum 100 hours of education and experience).

Contact Hours vs Non Contact Hours

Contact Hours

A contact hour is a classroom hour in the physical presence of a teacher.

Non-Contact Hours

All outside resources chosen to support training and relevance to yoga and/or anatomy and physiology.
Non-contact hours are part of curriculum and include:

  • Reading, Audio/Video, Online Support with reports, discussions, presentations and tests
  • Written Assignments; all categories except Practicum
  • Group Activities including discussion, technique and teaching practice
  • Evaluation of Classes outside of program; each class with a written evaluation, up to 2 hours of credit towards Techniques, Teaching Methodology or Practicum