style: Anatomy, Yoga therapy, pain, restorative

duration: 60 min

Chinese Meridian Restorative – Kidney : Knee Rehabilitation

Kidney Meridian in Lower Limb

Looking at the energy of the Kidney Meridian in lower legs and chest. Using restorative poses to rehabilitate and work with injury in the knee joint. We look at the connections of the body and spirit from the Knees viewpoint.

Kidney weakness and disorders of Yin-Yang include lack of energy, lower back pain or weakness, frequent urination, increased thirst, waking early, poor memory, tinnitus, early menopause, menstruation issues, lower libido, impotence, pain in feet, puffiness at ankles or knees. Disharmony of the Kidney meridian may also relate to anxiety and fear.

The Kidney meridian begins at the outside of the little toe and immediately goes under the sole of the foot. It follows the arch, makes a circle around the inner ankle and then it runs through the heel, and comes up the medial side of the leg and into the tailbone. It follows spine to the kidney and then branches. One branch heads to Urinary Bladder, where it comes back to the surface of the abdomen and up the chest, ending at the clavicle. The other branch touches the liver and diaphragm and moves up through lungs and throat until it ends beside the root of tongue.

Cora Wen

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