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Prevention Yoga Case Study – TriAthlete with Hip Issue

Spinal Extension for Tri-Athlete with hip issues

Working with an endurance athlete for Body, Mind and Spirit. Lindsey - triathlete and business owner, Mom

Triathletes are vulnerable to the full spectrum of sports injuries that could be sustained from swimming, cycling or running. Most triathletes suffer overuse or overtraining injuries, and training repetitively stresses muscles, tendons, and the tissues around joints and bones. This continuous stress produces repetitive microtrauma, and the body cannot keep repairing the damage created by repetitive stress. Tissue eventually breaks down, creating pain, inflammation, and weakness. It is important to ensure a well-balanced training to optimise performance and minimise injury risk, and some of the factors can include muscle control and imbalances, along with contributing biomechanical factors (ex:leg length discrepancies)

A study of runners showed imbalances in strength of hips can create overuse injuries, and research shows week hip stabilization muscles is connected to leg injuries and knee pain.
"Hip strength plays a huge role in supporting the running motion..In running, the body and brain always choose to utilize muscles that are the strongest to determine a strategy for running." -Alice Holland

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