style: Props, anatomy, yoga therapy

duration: 60 min

Prevention Yoga – Working with Twists and Shoulder Opening

Twists are versatile poses and help keep the spine supple by rotating and stretching the spine to restore natural range of motion. In reclining twists, more happens in the lower spine, and alignment in seated and standing twists requires grounding and lengthening before twisting. As the torso lengthens, the spine can rotate safely for an effective stretch.

Twists are cleansing and “wring out” internal organs, which helps the body release energy. In an abdominal twist, the internal organs are compressed and squeezed to flush deoxygenated blood. When the twist is released , fresh oxygenated blood flows back into the organs renewing and refreshing them. Props can assist in creating space before twisting to avoid pressure on the discs, and prepare for deeper poses.

Amy Matthews co-author of Yoga Anatomy suggests twists affect our mobility (movement of organs in relation to each other) and our motility (movement within an organ). You can read : Yoga Anatomy Myths

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