style: Props, anatomy, yoga therpay

duration: 60 min

Props – Articulate and Protect the Shoulder

Yoga props can be helpful to go deeper, find focus, or gain comfort in asana.There are many benefits to using props in practice, and it can enhance deeper stretches, proper alignment and improved balance. Props can help us move deeper, or work with injury in a pose.

BKS Iyengar developed props that enabled him to work on postures that were otherwise inaccessible. Props can serve several functions in a therapeutic context. In their supportive role props can support the entire body in an asana or support the various parts of the body that require rest. Yoga props enable us to do things, and increased access is also expanded awareness.

In therapeutic applications, the sequence, alignment, and amount of time held is as important as the choice of poses. Props can enable holding a pose longer, to form a frame for the body to feel asymmetries and understand alignment. The prop can serve as a teacher to help study one’s own alignment and experience relaxation in intense poses. The benefits of prolonged stay in poses often reveals the source of problems, empowering the healing process. The awareness of these subtle sensations increases the meditative and mental benefits of yoga.

Cora Wen

Over the past 25 years, Cora Wen has built her reputation as an internationally acclaimed yoga practitioner and teacher.

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