style: Props, anatomy, yoga therapy

duration: 60 min

Props – Equanimity in Hips

Props - Equanimity in Hip: Pelvis & Sacrum

Props can be used to intensify the actions in a therapeutic application of a pose. Props can be used in different ways to enhance specific aspects, and a pose can be altered through prop setups to work with issues ranging from structural to organic to psychological.

For relaxation and stress reduction, B.K.S. Iyengar developed a restorative practice, in which props support the student so poses can be held for optimal amounts of time. Inversions are a critical tool to aid the immune system and props enable students to hold inversions for prolonged periods for maximal benefit. Iyengar believed in the healing power of yoga, and ensured poses were available to all students so that all could benefit from yoga.

Cora Wen

Over the past 25 years, Cora Wen has built her reputation as an internationally acclaimed yoga practitioner and teacher.

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