style: Props, anatomy, yoga therapy

duration: 60 min

Props – Forward Folding on Chairs and Bolsters

Props -  Forward Folding on Chairs and Bolsters

We look at forward folding and how to use yoga tools to help us find freedom in the back body and creating energy to heal love over fear. This gives information on technique for safe forward bends, with Iyengar variations of Forward Bend with the help of bolsters or blankets. By using props, students are able to access the benefits of more poses while working on alignment. Props such as blankets, blocks, belts, and wall ropes help students benefit from the poses regardless of physical condition or level of experience.

Iyengar Yoga develops strength, stamina, concentration, coordination, flexibility, and more. Using physical alignment as a starting point, Iyengar Yoga encourages the spread of intelligence throughout the body, the growth of self-awareness, and an experience of the asanas as a form of “meditation in action.”

Cora Wen

Over the past 25 years, Cora Wen has built her reputation as an internationally acclaimed yoga practitioner and teacher.

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