The goal of the YogaBloom 500hr Advanced Yoga Training program is to help you discover and develop who you are as a teacher. To do this, we will be using the qualities of a teacher as a framework for conversation and reflection.

Requirement Hours will include 150-225 hours with Cora in classroom : asana and pranayama observation, practice, therapeutic methodologies, anatomy, physiology, and hands-on teaching under the guidance of Core Faculty

If you are currently a 200RYT, you will have 500RYT status once all requirements are fulfilled.
Completing all hours with Cora and no electives provides 200RYT status

After completing all Modules with additional On-line Yoga Bloom LAB hours, and the Final Project completes your training.

As you will see below, each module focuses on different qualities.

  • Module One: Sincerity and Clarity
  • Module Two: Creativity and Spontaneity
  • Module Three: Intuition and Discernment

These six qualities are essential to your development as a teacher. They are both internal and external, personal and applicable to your students. They are qualities for you to try on, embodying them in your own unique way. They are also things we will incorporate into our training time together, considering when/how they can become part of the fabric you’re weaving of your teaching.

Using the qualities of a teacher as a framework allows us to develop what it means to teach yoga — not just lead people through poses. Because teaching has a deepening feeling to it — it’s a journey for both you and your students. As you continue to draw out your interests, you can use that information and experience as guideposts for them.

Teaching yoga is a gift and a privilege. My hope is that you will approach your time in this program with curiosity — staying open to what call you and following its lead.

May our time together be of benefit.